Newborn Baby? 9 Things That Are Good To Have At Home

You are in the happiest phase of your life because your Newborn Baby is ready to arrive in this world or has arrived in this world and is ready to arrive in your home.

We congratulate you on the same and to help you out a little bit we have compiled a list of 10 things that you can have at your home so that you and the baby have everything you need.

If you are not due just yet, then this is a list that you can add to your registry so that people can give you everything that you would need in the future.


Crib, Cradle and Sleep Carrier

You want to get your newbaby into the right sleeping habits from day one so that there is no transitioning later. Sleeping is the most important aspect of a new baby and it will spend most of its time sleeping initially. So, make sure that you choose the right place for the baby to sleep in.

Some babies like a peaceful corner of the house to sleep in. In that case, you can buy a crib and devote it to the baby’s room.

Some babies like to be rocked to sleep and parents like the baby to be close to them, so a cradle would be a nice solution in that case.

The SleepCarrier is a good lightweight solution for carrying the baby with you, either from hospital to home or home to hospital. Make sure the bedding is thick and comfortable in the bassinet so that the cane material does not poke the baby.

Baby Monitor

The whole process of pregnancy and getting ready for pregnancy can leave the parents exhausted and tired. Parents can find themselves accidentally falling asleep on the couches with the baby being in its room.

Sometimes parents are working on strict deadlines and even while working from home, they can lose track of the baby’s needs.

It, therefore, makes complete sense to go for an audio-video baby monitor so that you can hear the baby from another room, you can see the baby from another room, you can zoom in on the baby and its surrounding and make sure that the baby is sleeping well at night, right from your bedroom.

Along with that baby monitors have room temperature sensors, motion sensors, night vision etc. to be 100% sure that your baby is safe in the other room.

With the baby monitors, you can have total peace of mind, while you work or sleep in another room.

Rocking Armchair

Research has proven time and again the importance of physical touch in connection building between human beings. The same philosophy applies to your bond with your baby too. Even though remote monitoring technologies are eliminating the need for you to have someone help you watch the baby, nothing can replace the feeling of a mother’s touch for the baby.

So, make sure that you have a rocking armchair in the baby’s nursery so that you can spend some time with the baby wrapped around your arms in the armchair. Rocking the baby to sleep can be made super simple on the rocking armchair.

Cool Mist Humidifier

A newbaby can’t tell you when it’s feeling dry in the nose or feeling stuffy inside. But we know that our homes are mostly closed from everywhere for the need to temperature control the home.

But this leads to a lot of dryness in the air. A baby will breathe easier when there is a humidifier in the room, which will add a little moisture to his or her environment.

Humidifiers will prevent the baby from having a dry nose, cold because of dryness etc.

Baby Bottle

Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing are something you must have just in case there are problems with the baby getting breast milk directly from the breast. In that case, you can pump milk out and use these bottles to feed the baby.

These bottles are silicone covered glass bottles so there is no risk of scratching these bottles when they are being washed. In fact, these bottles get washed so easily that they don’t smell like milk after wash like plastic bottles does.

This is the next level of glass baby bottles where you can enjoy having glass which is the healthiest material without having to opt out safety, ergonomics and beautiful colours.

When the baby gets older they can be used for feeding the baby with baby formula.

If the milk is too hot, then the bottle changes colours and you can let the milk cool down and wait for the colour to change before feeding the baby.

Car Seat

Even when the baby is new, you will still need to take the baby to the hospitals for their vaccinations and other health-related issues. You might also need to take the baby with you to gatherings, get together, their grandparents etc.

So, the must-have in this case is the infant car seat. Make sure to buy an infant car seat that will be cosy and comfortable for the baby.




Trust us when we say that the baby will get bored inside the home occasionally and would want the need to inhale some fresh air just as adults do.

If you decide to carry the baby, no matter how light they are, your arms will give up in a day or two. They might even become sore so much so that you will not even be able to type on your laptop.

Instead of that, think of a stroller. You can just put the baby in the stroller and walk the stroller to wherever you want to go. It would be a lighter and stress-free experience.

Baby Thermometer

You don’t know when the baby will have a reaction to vaccinations and other treatments. So, it’s better to have a baby thermometer only for the baby’s use in their nursery.

Using the family’s thermometer might have some other infections and reactions to the baby’s sensitive skin. So having a separate thermometer is recommended.

Diaper Bag

Just so you don’t wait till the last minute, we are reminding you to get a diaper bag ready. Once you have it ready and set aside, anytime there is an unplanned activity and you have to take the baby out, you don’t have to spend more time filling the diaper bag.

In fact, in the rush to take care of the outside stuff, you might forget an important item and regret later that you didn’t plan.

So, it’s better to keep the diaper bag ready for all those times when you have unplanned trips to take.



These are the most important things that you must have before the baby comes home from the hospital. Other things like diapers, baby clothes, bibs, etc., you must know about them already.

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