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Sunscreen Indicator 24-Pack

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Am I protected? When should I apply more sunscreen?

Do you always have the same problem on the beach, is the sunscreen protecting or not? With the Sunscreen Indicator, you’re not guessing. It changes color from white to purple when it’s time to apply more sunscreen. Enjoy the beach life and boost your health without burning yourself!

PROTECTED? – when should I apply more?
The Sunscreen Indicator shows when it’s time to apply more sunscreen by simply changing color when sunscreen has stopped shielding.

USING THE PRODUCT? – how do I do it?
Apply the Sunscreen Indicator easily to the body part that is most exposed to the sun, preferably one of the shoulders. The indicator shows if you are protected by sunscreen or not. It easily shows when it is time to apply more sunscreen or avoid the sun by changing color from white to purple. It is water resistant and can be used throughout the whole day.

The Sunscreen Indicator is a small (18mm) round patch-shaped indicator which is also very thin.

The Sunscreen Indicator is made of skin-friendly material. The Sunscreen Indicator is function tested by Research Institutes of Sweden. It is also skin irritation tested by the SGS Institute Fresenius Germany.

The Sunscreen Indicator is available in two pack sizes, Children Pack with 10pcs or Family Pack with 24pcs.




DIMENSIONS: 18x18x0,5 mm
WEIGHT: 0,0125g
MATERIAL: 80% Hydrokolloid , 20% PET
HOW DOES THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR WORK? The sunscreen indicator helps to prevent you and your child from getting burned in the sun. With the sunscreen indicator you don’t ned to guess. It changes colour from white to purple when it’s time to apply more sunscreen. Enjoy the beach life and boost your health without burning yourself! WHERE DO THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR WORK? The indicator works just as well in North of Europe as in the Mediterranean countries or Thailand. In the stronger sun you need to apply sunscreen more often and of course the indicator helps remind you of that, so it changes colour earlier than in weaker sun. HOW DO I USE THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR? Remove one of the indicators from the plastic container and attach to a body part that is most exposed to the sun, for example neck or shoulders. Make sure the skin is dry so that the indicator attaches properly. Apply sunscreen SPF 50+ to both the sunscreen indicator and to the skin. For best results, the sunscreen should dry for 20 minutes before exposure to the sun. Apply more sunscreen on both the skin and the indicator as the indicator changes colour from white to purple. When the sunscreen is reapplied, the indicator turns white again, indicating that the skin is protected. WHEN IS IT TIME TO APPLY MORE SUNSCREEN? Our sunscreen indicator shows when it’s time to apply more sunscreen by changing colour as the sunscreen no longer protects. IS THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR WATER RESISTANT AND HOW LONG DOES IT WORK? It is water resistant and can be used throughout the day, after it should be discharged. DOES THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR CONTAIN HARMFUL SUBSTANCES? Our sunscreen indicator has been carefully tested to meet our high standards of durability, safety and function. The sunscreen indicators are made of skin-friendly material and is of course non-toxic, but be aware that your child does not put it in their mouth. IS THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR AVAILABLE IN BIG-PACK? The sunscreen indicator is available in two pack sizes, 10pcs and 24pcs. HOW BIG IS THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR? It is a small (18mm) round patch-shaped indicator which is also very thin. HOW DO I STORE THE SUNSCREEN INDICATORS THAT ARE NOT IN USE? They should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. WHY IS THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR STILL PURPLE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE PUT ON MORE SUNSCREEN? If the indicator is still purple after applying sunscreen, it means you are not adequately protected. The indicator is calibrated to work in conjunction with sunscreens that provide a high protection value, at least SPF 50+. I USE SUNSCREEN SPF 50+, WHY IS THE INDICATOR STILL PURPLE? 1. There are different protection values for UVA/UVB for different sunscreens with SPF 50+. If you use sunscreen with a lower value of UVA/UVB then the indicator will show that you are not protected. 2. You use too little sunscreen. Always use sunscreen in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. WHY DOES THE SUNSCREEN INDICATOR WORK ONLY WITH SUNSCREENS WITH HIGH PROTECTION VALUE? It is important not to get burned in the sun, which is why we have chosen our indicator to react with sunscreens SPF 50+. This way you can feel confident that both you and your child have a good protection in the sun. WHICH SUNSCREEN IS THE BEST? We can not mention any specific brand, but sunscreens SPF 50+ can be of different quality. If you use a sunscreen that is not effective, the sunscreen indicator changes colour faster, the sunscreen simply does not provide enough sun protection. We recommend a high-quality sunscreen for best protection with high protection value.

Our story

The idea for Everyday Baby arised even before we had our own children. We had a strong belief that the materials we use and consume have an impact on our health, both in the short and long term. While we as adults have the opportunity to choose which material we use, our children are completely dependent on the choices we make for them. As fathers, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children aren’t exposed to unnecessary health risks.

That we need to reduce the use of chemicals due to negative environmental and health effects, is something that most of us are aware of. Despite this, plastic products are still made and used for children when feeding. It has been shown that plastic baby bottles release millions of microplastics during sterilization, rinsing and preparation. Children thus ingest millions of microplastics every time they are fed with a plastic bottle. Younger children, especially infants, are particularly susceptible to these chemicals while their organs are developing. What we give our children is therefore more important than what we use and eat ourselves.

Through Everyday Baby, we contribute to the elimination of unhealthy substances in children's products. As a step to prove that this is possible, we have created two series of high-quality products - without unnecessary chemicals and made out of durable materials.

Everyday Baby is our contribution to creating a better future for our children, all children.

Everyday Baby was founded by the three fathers Andreas Bengtsson, Edon Ramadani and Fredrik Persson