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Time to learn to drink from a cup?

MilkHero Sippy helps your child learn to drink out of a glass!

INNOVATIVE PROTECTION! – tougher glass bottle

Feel safer with MilkHeros Sippy in Glass – The glass bottle is covered with a thin integrated silicone envelope that provides extra protection for the glass bottle if you drop it on the floor.

TOO HOT? – protect your child from burning!

Now you can safely feed your baby with this unique sippy in glass that indicates if the drink is too hot by changing color.

 GLASS! – Lightweight and durable glass bottle

MilkHero Sippy is made of glass, and not just any glass, but high quality lightweight borosilicate glass.
MilkHero Sippy is BPA-free, BPF-free, BPS-free and free from Phtalates.

SPILL FREE – Clean less, enjoy more!!

MilkHero Sippy Cup is designed to simplify everyday life for both parents and children.
Thanks to MilkHero’s spill free design you can enjoy while the child learns to drink out of the cup without spilling everywhere!

MilkHero Sippy in Glass is available in 4 beautiful colours, Turquoise, Pink, Green and Blue/ Black

Probably the best sippy mug in the world

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MilkHero Spout Mug – shatter protected way to learn to drink from a spout mug in glass

Outgrown the baby bottle? MilkHero Sippy helps your child learn to drink out of a glass!

Children grow fast and soon it’s time for the child to learn to drink out of a cup. Finding the right sippy is not always that easy, is it a good material? ergonomical? functional?

Issues that may feel impossible to tackle as a parent, is something that Everydaybaby’s product developer studies daily into the smallest detail to make life easier for parents and children. Everydaybaby’s developers have carefully thought through the three important pillars, choice of materials, ergonomic design combined with the latest features. Everything to create a perfect sippy that makes children love it. After many years of careful studies and development, the perfect sippy is finally here! It has never been easier or safer to learn to drink out of a mug.

MilkHero Sippy is ergonomically designed to make it easy and comfortable for small hands. The teat is ergonomically designed and made of soft medical silicone, which facilitates the transition from bottle to cup. Fantastic! MilkHero Sippy is made of glass, and not just any glass, but high quality borosilicate glass where the glass body is coated with a thin, integrated silicone layer that provides extra protection against spills if you drop it. MilkHero Sippy indicates if the liquid is too hot for the child to drink by changing the bottles color. Smart, right?

Everydaybaby’s goal is for your child’s best. Your child deserves the absolute best and therefore we place heavy emphasis on design, material choice and functionality. MilkHero Sippy has all the characteristics parents may wish for their child.  -As an added security, we also allow authorised test institutes to test our products, everything to make the product as safe as possible!

Key features for the best sippy

  • One of the market’s lightest bottles made from borosilicate glass
  • Shatter protected thanks to an integrated silicone cover
  • Temperature display – changes colour at high temperatures
  • Anti-colic venting system
  • The teat is made of medical silicone
  • BPA-free, BPF-free, BPS-free and free from Phthalates. Glass is the safest choice
  • Learn to drink out of a cup – facilitates the transition from bottle to mug


Step 1.- Open the bottle

The whole bottle is temperature-indicating.

Step 2.- Pour the replacement/gruel into the bottle

If it is too hot, the bottle will change color. Allow the replacement/gruel to cool down. Always wait at least 30 seconds for each cooling moment!

Step 3.- Serving

When the bottle returns to its original color, it is safe for your child to drink (about 40 degrees Celsius). Ready to serve!

 Material selection

MilkHero is free from BPA, BPS, BPF, Phtalates. MilkHero Sippy is tested and meets the requirements of the European Standard for feeding bottles, EN14350.

Use and care

When cleaning MilkHero Sippy it is necessary to disassemble it and clean each part – the bottle, screw cap, dust guard, handles and drinking pipe – separately. This is important because remains of the drink can accumulate between the ring and the teat, which leads to the growth of bacteria. MilkHero Sippy is made of durable borosilicate glass that can handle temperature differences between -15 to +140 degrees Celsius. The teat is made of medical silicone that is poison free and ventilated to prevent colic. The screw cap and dust protection are made in BPA-free polypropylene, PP. The plastic never comes into contact with the beverage. All components are BPA-free. After cleaning, rinse the bottle thoroughly with clean running water to remove any remains. Be sure to place the parts in a ventilated area where they can drain and dry properly. If stored in wet or damp areas, mold or fungus can form. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before handling the bottles or feeding your baby. The bottle is not meant to be washed in a dishwasher. If washed in the dishwasher, the color may be bleached prematurely. Dishwashers do not always clean the inside of bottles completely and can leave bacteria.

 Sterilisation of bottles

The best method of sterilising the bottle is simply to place all the parts of the bottles in a pot and boil them with water. It is not necessary to sterilize bottles after each use. Washing the bottle and its compartments in hot water with dish soap is sufficient for cleaning them efficiently.

 For your child’s safety – Warning

Do not allow the child to eat without supervision. Do not let the child run with MilkHero Spout Mug. The Sippy and all parts that are not in use should be kept out of reach of children. Glass bottles may break. The silicone coating provides good protection, but no guaranteed protection against cracks and damage to the glass bottle. If cracks or holes occur in the glass, discard the bottle immediately. Prior to each use, always control the Sippy. Be extra careful when heating the food in the microwave. A microwave heats unevenly from the inside out, so it’s possible that the formula could be very hot in the middle of the bottle but barely lukewarm on the outside where you can feel it. Please note that dust cover, screw ring and drinking pipe must be removed. The drinking pipe shall always be used under adult supervision. Never use the drinking tip as a pacifier. Continuous and prolonged suction of liquids can lead to caries. Before use, always check the drinking tip by dragging the drinking pipe in different directions. If cracks or holes are detected in the cup, it should be replaced immediately. Due to safety, the drinking teat should be replaced within two months. Never leave the cup in direct sunlight, heat or disinfectant longer than recommended, as it may weaken. Prior to first use, place the cup in boiling water for 5 minutes. The Sippy is not a thermometer. Always check the temperature of the liquid before using the bottle.


Do not leave the bottle in direct sunlight for longer than necessary as it may bleach the color prematurely. Store the bottle in an enclosed space at normal room temperature.

Additional information

Additional information

Bottle size

150 ml


Blueberry, Green, Pink, Turquoise

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