Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing 300 ml Green - Everyday Baby
Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing 300 ml Green - Everyday Baby
Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing 300 ml Green - Everyday Baby
Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing 300 ml Green - Everyday Baby

Glass Baby Bottle Heat Sensing 300 ml Green

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Now you no longer have to worry about the contents of the baby bottle being too hot! Everyday Baby Heat Sensing Baby Bottle indicates the contents are too hot for your child. Above 40 ° C it changes the color to white. When it is the right temperature it returns to its original color.

The bottle indicates when the formula is too hot for your baby, over 40° C, by changing color to white. When it is the right temperature it returns to its original color.

The baby bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, simply because it is the healthiest choice for your child. Unlike plastic, glass bottles does not leak any harmful substances and is also very easy to clean.

The outside of the glass baby bottle is coated with a thin layer of silicone that provides a great grip and prevents it from shattering on the floor if the glass bottle breaks. This is a great advantage compared to other glass bottles that can shatter all over the floor and pose a potential danger. All thanks to our new innovative silicone coating technology.

The Nipple is made of 100% food-grade silicone, free from harmful chemicals. It has an integrated anti colic vent that contributes to an even flow, which counteracts gas, colic and reflux.

Our Anti Colic Nipple is designed to mimic natural breastfeeding, which facilitates the change from breastfeeding to a baby bottle.

Want to know more about how to choose the right Baby Bottle for your child? Read more here.

Baby bottle 300 ml includes one Nipple in size L.
Size L - 6 months +: Fast flow that goes well with breast milk, replacement, gruel, viscous liquid such as. wholemeal gruel.

Tested by Intertek. The product is carefully tested to ensure that the material and function provides right quality. 

Everyday Baby - The Healthy Brand. We use the best materials available to create the healthiest products for your baby and child - for a good and healthy life.



NIPPLE SIZES AVAILABLE: Small, Medium and Plus

Our Nipples fit all our Bottles.
The hole on the Nipple increases with size. This is because over time the child is able to manage a faster flow.

SIZE S - 0-3 months
Slow flow that goes well with both breast milk and replacement.

SIZE M - 3-6 months
Medium flow that fits well with both breast milk and replacement.

SIZE Plus - 6 months +
Fast flow that goes well with breast milk, replacement, gruel, viscous liquid such as wholemeal gruel.
STERILIZE Before using the bottle for the first time, it must be sterilized. Separate the bottle and its parts, place in a large pot of boiling water then cover with a lid and boil for five minutes. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS Hand wash only! Not suitable for dishwasher, steam sterilization and microwave. Wash each part separately and rinse well. After cleaning, place the product in a ventilated area where it can drain and dry properly. STORAGE Store the bottle in a closed space at room temperature
HOW DOES THE HEAT SENSING INDICATOR WORK? Our glass baby bottle heat sensing is smart. In addition to having all the adventages that our other glass bottles have, it also shows if the liquid is too hot for your baby (above 40 °C), by changing color. It will return to its original color when the temperature has dropped, is safe and will not harm your baby. Wait at least 30 seconds for the temperature to drop. IS THE HEAT SENSING BOTTLE UNBREAKABLE? No, the glass bottle can still break as it is a glass bottle. However the silicone coating shall prevent it from making a mess on the floor if it breaks. But yes, the glass bottle can still break as it is glass. WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE A BABY BOTTLE IN GLASS? Our baby bottle silicone coated glass is made of high quality borosilicate glass. Unlike plastic, glass does not emit harmful substances that plastic does, making glass to the healthy choice for your baby. Glass is also easy to clean! HOW SHOULD I GET MY BABY TO TAKE THE BOTTLE? Our nipples are specially designed to mimic natural breastfeeding. It gives your child a sense of security, which facilitates the transition from breastfeeding to a baby bottle. DOES THE HEAT SENSING BOTTLE CONTAIN HARMFUL SUBSTANCES? Our heat sensing bottle has been carefully tested to meet our high standards of durability, safety and function. And of course, the bottle is free from BPA, BPS, BPF and phthalates and other substances that can harm your baby. HOW DO I KNOW HOW MUCH LIQUID TO ADD? There is a graduation scale on the back of the bottle that helps you measure the right amount of liquid. DOES THE HEAT SENSING BABY BOTTLE HAVE ANTI-COLIC FUNCTION? Our nipples have an integrated anti-colic vent that contributes to a smooth flow. It prevents your child from being affected by gases, colic and reflux. WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF THE SILICONE DISC? The silicone disc transforms your baby bottle to a bottle container. CAN THE HEAT SENAING BOTTLE BE HEATED IN THE MICROWAVE? Limited, if heating the heat sensing bottle in the microwave it can prematurely fade the colour of the bottle. Therefore we do not recommend to put the heat sensing bottle in the microwave and if you need to put the bottle in the microwave make sure to take it out from the microwave as soon as possible and not more than maximum 30 seconds. DOES THE HEAT SENSING BOTTLE NEED TO BE STERILIZED? Before using bottle the first time, it needs to be sterilized. We recommend putting the bottle and its parts in a large pot of boiling water. Then cover with a lid and let boil for at least 5 minutes. After the first time of being sterilized the bottles should only be washed by hand with clean water and soap. The bottles will prematurely fade if sterilizing the heat sensing bottle more than the first time. DOES THE HEAT SENSING BOTTLE WITHSTAND DISHWASHER? After the first use the heat sensing glass bottle should only be washed by hand. Separate the bottle and all its parts (nipple, screw ring, sealing disc, dust cover) from each other. Thoroughly clean part by part in fresh water and washing-up liquid. Then rinse the bottle and its part in fresh running water to remove all foam and detergent. The bottle should be cleaned after each use. Make sure it dries thoroughly. If any moist remains it can cause mould and fungus. HOW DO I STORE THE HEAT SENSING BOTTLE? Store the bottle and associated parts in an enclosed place at room temperature. Do not leave the bottle or it parts in direct sunlight for a long time as it can damage the products. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I CHANGE THE HEAT SENSING BOTTLE? Always check the bottle and pull the nipple in all directions before use. If you see any cracks or breaks on or in the bottle, discard immediately. If the nipple has cracks or holes it should be replaced. For safety reasons, the nipple should be changed every two months.

Our story

The idea for Everyday Baby arised even before we had our own children. We had a strong belief that the materials we use and consume have an impact on our health, both in the short and long term. While we as adults have the opportunity to choose which material we use, our children are completely dependent on the choices we make for them. As fathers, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children aren’t exposed to unnecessary health risks.

That we need to reduce the use of chemicals due to negative environmental and health effects, is something that most of us are aware of. Despite this, plastic products are still made and used for children when feeding. It has been shown that plastic baby bottles release millions of microplastics during sterilization, rinsing and preparation. Children thus ingest millions of microplastics every time they are fed with a plastic bottle. Younger children, especially infants, are particularly susceptible to these chemicals while their organs are developing. What we give our children is therefore more important than what we use and eat ourselves.

Through Everyday Baby, we contribute to the elimination of unhealthy substances in children's products. As a step to prove that this is possible, we have created two series of high-quality products - without unnecessary chemicals and made out of durable materials.

Everyday Baby is our contribution to creating a better future for our children, all children.

Everyday Baby was founded by the three fathers Andreas Bengtsson, Edon Ramadani and Fredrik Persson