Glass Sippy Cup 150 ml Rose Pink - Everyday Baby
Glass Sippy Cup 150 ml Rose Pink - Everyday Baby
Glass Sippy Cup 150 ml Rose Pink - Everyday Baby
Glass Sippy Cup 150 ml Rose Pink - Everyday Baby
Glass Sippy Cup 150 ml Rose Pink - Everyday Baby
Glass Sippy Cup 150 ml Rose Pink - Everyday Baby

Glass Sippy Cup 150 ml Rose Pink

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Make mealtime more fun and easy! Everyday Baby Glass Sippy Cup is a sippy cup made of safe materials- mindfully designed for your little one. 

No more worries about spotted clothes or floors when your child learns to drink from a cup- the smart design of our sippy makes it guaranteed spill-free!

The sippy cup is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, simply because it is the healthiest choice for your child. Unlike plastic, glass bottles does not leak any harmful substances and is also very easy to clean.

The outside of the glass sippy cup is coated with a thin layer of silicone that provides a great grip and prevents it from shattering on the floor if it is dropped. This is a great advantage compared to other glass bottles that can shatter all over the floor and pose a potential danger. All thanks to our new innovative silicone coating technology.

Tested by Intertek. The product is carefully tested to ensure that the material and function provides right quality.

Everyday Baby - The Healthy Brand. We use the best materials available to create the healthiest products for your baby and child - for a good and healthy life.

One package includes 1 glass bottle, 1 spout, 1 screw ring, 1 grip handle and 1 dust cover.

DIMENSIONS: 67x112x152 mm
WEIGHT: 220 g
MATERIAL: Borosilicate glass + Silicone
COLORS: Rose Pink, Mint Green and Quiet Grey.
STERILIZE Before using the sippy cup for the first time, it must be sterilized. Separate the cup and its parts, place in a large pot of boiling water then cover with a lid and boil for at least five minutes. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS Safe for dishwasher, boiling and steam sterilization. Hand wash: Wash each part separately and rinse well. After cleaning, place the product in a ventilated area where it can drain and dry properly. STORAGE Store the product in a closed space at room temperature.
IS THE GLASS SIPPY CUP UNBREAKABLE? No, the Sippy Cup can still break as it is a glass bottle. However, the silicone coating shall prevent it from making a mess on the floor if it breaks. WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE A SIPPY CUP MADE OF GLASS? Our silicone coated Sippy Cup is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Unlike plastic, glass does not emit harmful substances, making glass the healthiest choice for your child. Glass is also very easy to clean! IS THE SPOUT SPILL-FREE? Whether your child prefers to drink upright, on side or upside down, there will be no waste- our spout is guaranteed to be spill-free! DOES THE GLASS SIPPY CUP CONTAIN HARMFUL SUBSTANCES? Our Sippy Cup has been carefully tested to meet our high standards of durability, safety and function. And of course, the Sippy is free from BPA, BPS, BPF and phthalates and other substances that may harm your child. In addition, the spout is made of 100% soft medical silicone which is gentle on your child’s delicate gum. CAN THE SIPPY CUP BE HEATHED IN THE MICROWAVE? Yes, the Sippy Cup withstands microwave. DOES THE SIPPY CUP NEED TO BE STERILIZED? Before using the Sippy Cup for the first time, it needs to be sterilized. We recommend putting the bottle and its parts (screw ring, handle, and spout) separated in a large pot of boiling water, then cover with a lid and let boil for at least 5 minutes. DOES THE SIPPY CUP WITHSTAND DISHWASHER? The Sippy Cup is dishwasher safe and withstands high temperature sterilization. When cleaning the bottle, whether it is by hand, in a dishwasher or by sterilization, it is necessary to take it apart and wash each part separately. If washing by hand, wash each part thoroughly in fresh water and washing-up liquid. Then rinse the bottle and its part in fresh running water to remove all foam and detergent. The bottle should be cleaned after each use. Make sure it dries thoroughly. If any moist remains it can cause mould and fungus. HOW DO I STORE THE SIPPY CUP? Store the bottle and associated parts in an enclosed place at room temperature. Do not leave the bottle or it parts in direct sunlight for a long time as it can damage the products. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I REPLACE THE SIPPY CUP? Always check the Sippy Cup and pull the spout in different directions before use. If you see any cracks in the bottle, discard immediately. If the spout is damaged it should be replaced. For safety reasons, the spout should be changed every two months.