Everyday Baby makes everyday life simpler

Life with young children is wonderful, but can also be stressful and full of concern. Is the milk to hot? Has the bath water the right temperature? How do I know my child does not burn in the sun? These are just some of the issues that parents can face, and therefore we have developed a range of smart products that make everyday life easier with young children. Our goal is to make you feel confident that you give your child the best – everyday!

Unique glass bottle, is there a better choice?

Early mornings, late night, staying up all night, something most parents have to go through. Avoid at least some of the stress thinking of BPA, right temp, crushing glass, harmful substances. Use the Heat Sensing Bottle. Safe, Fun and Easy for both baby Hero and parents. And it looks really good as well!

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When should I apply more sunscreen?

Keeping our heroes from flying to close to the sun is no easy task. A busy day at the beach will include everything from sandcastles to dads being sea monsters, usually allready within the first 5 minutes. So how to keep track on when it’s time to put on more of that miracle cream that keep our children safe from the sun? Well, the Sunscreen Indicator is the answer. 

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What temperature should the formula be?

Have you ever been stressed out in the morning? Maybe left the formula on the stove a while longer or put the microwave effect too high? Well, we’re all humans, but our little heroes accept only the best. With the Heat Sensing Bottle it’s easy to see what temperature the milk is, distinct color indications shows when it’s a safe temperature to eat.

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How hot should the bathing water be?

Pretending that the floor is lava is probably an all time favorite for small heroes, but that doesn’t mean they want their bath to actually be that hot when they’re done playing. To keep good track of the waters temperature the WaterHero is your best friend. Color changing mats shows right temperature as well as keeping our heroes from slipping, a true companion on our heroes journey towards cleanliness.

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