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Business Challenge 2016

Presenting company and products to make baby bottle feeding, bathing and sunscreen applying easier

Tuesday was an absolutely incredible and magical day. It was time for Business Challenge finale where we was one of 15 companies from the 400 applicants.

Business challenge is a contest in which Entrepreneurs compete with their ideas and their business. The aim is to create growth and jobs. We put entrepreneurs together with business profiles. The jury consists of these about 70 ‘s profiles and entrepreneurs!

The final consists of 2 stages, first a 15 minutes pitch followed by a q & a session. The 6 best from step 1, goes to step 2 for a final 5-8 minute pitch!

For us it started with that we set the day before off to produce the pitch and practice. As usual, it was hard to get a good structure together and make it sound good with transitions between the three of us. Full speed all day and no lunch we hurried to the train to come up to Stockholm in the evening – finally some rest from the pitch. When we approached Stockholm I asked – where do we stay? “Wouldn’t you book?” came back. A classic misunderstanding, no big deal.. but it’s the Eurovision week in Stockholm. Everything was booked. In the end, we found a hotel on Drottninggatan, when we got there and checked in they pointed us down into the basement.. When we got down, we realized, we should stay in a bunker. No Windows and minimal room.. Oh well we’ll just sleep.. After having practiced pitch up to 02 J

At 11.40 hours, it was our turn to step into the above one-third of the jury at the Grand Hotel. Nervous? As …. but once in place, we were able to find focus and delivered a really good pitch far over expectations, all just nailed. Then there was some serious grilling. Questions from the jury on the right and left and a lot of great tips!

We went to lunch and felt very satisfied. We were hoping of course that we would go ahead and make another pitch, but hardly dared to think about that now, it was just half the time so a new pitch must be practiced in.

An hour of exercise and we would find out if we went ahead. They collect all the contestants and draw all that top 6, and finally Everyday Solutions – yes! But pitch.. shit..

Last out now it was just to wait while one by one went into the jury room. Finally our turn. The heart beats … the jury. Now you just go for it!

Yet another good pitch, we surprised ourselves how good it felt!

After a real nice dinner with Smiling (cashew) as toast masters and many interesting and fruitful meetings, it was time for the final award – best company!….. Everyday Solutions – we won! Absolutely magical. So fun!

Quite lyrical and with lots of congratulations and conversations Business Challenge is about to end, the clock … we do not have enough time to our train home now.. so we had to celebrate a fantastic day with finding a hotel again which was impossible so we ended up on a boat that can hardly be called hotel, but there was a bed to sleep on and the feeling of winning made nothing else matter!

More photos are available on facebook – Business challenge!


Big thank you to everyone who supports us in different ways!

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