Silicone Cup

Everyday Baby Silicone Cup is designed with a wide base for stability which makes it less willing to be spilled. Its neat and sturdy design also holds its shape.

The soft Silicone Cup has smooth edges that protect the baby´s developing teeth.

Our Silicone Cup is manufactured from high-quality silicone to help safely feed your baby. It is free from plastic, BPA, BPF, BPS, and other harmful chemicals.

The cup is easy to clean and dry. Unlike plastic, you do not have to worry about any harmful chemicals leaching out during the dishwashing or boiling process. Our healthy cup is designed to be reusable and perfect for all occasions whether at home or on the go.

Silicone Cup 2-pack Harmony Green


Silicone Cup 2-pack Soft Yellow


Silicone Cup 2-pack Light Lavender


Silicone Cup 2-pack Nature Red


Silicone Cup 2-pack Mint Green

€13.99 €17.99

Silicone Cup 2-pack Quiet Grey


Silicone Cup 2-pack Purple Rose

€14.99 €17.99